We will run and scream

While chasing our dreams

With birds we’ll fly

Way up in the sky

Storm clouds will find us,

Rain will soak us

Together us two

Just me and you

At last we found love.

Take these words

They are yours to keep

Together forever

No longer apart

I gave you my heart.

This is our moment

Under the stars

We will always remember

We were young and restless

Take my heart

It’s yours to keep

Hold around me

Sweep me off my feet.

Up a mountain, down a hill

Together we cross,

Rivers and streams

Until we one day find our dream.

Last we reach the ocean still,

No waves, no sound or seagull screams

Together we sit,

In silence and peace.

We ran and screamed,

And chased our dreams

With birds we flew

In the sky so blue

A lifetime ago;

Young, wild and free!



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