Bookworms will rule the world as soon as we finish one more chapter…



yoga sequence

I love to challenge myself. So, the next few days, weeks, and maybe months I’m going to challenge myself with this cute yoga sequence I found online. In the beginning I’m just going to do it once a day, either in the the morning, the middle of the day, or in the evening. Then if I like it and feel I’m making progress I might start doing it twice a day. But we’ll see about that. It’s fun to just try something new. I just have to focus on breathing deeply and evenly the next time.



creativity/writing ability

Does drugs/alcohol enhance your creativity/writing ability?

Peter De Vries (Reuben, Reuben):

“Sometimes I write drunk and revise sober, and sometimes I write sober and revise drunk. But you have to have both elements in creation — the Apollonian and the Dionysian, or spontaneity and restraint, emotion and discipline.”

I have never taken drugs; the only drug in my system is caffeine. I usually drink alcohol with friends and I have never with purpose poured myself a glass of wine or grabbed a bottle of beer to enhance my creativity/writing ability. However, I have after being out all night dancing with friends found myself seeing the world with a different pair of glasses which have led me to write. But most often the writing is words of gibberish and gobbledygook, and doesn’t result anything. No matter how much I edit.

I stumbled upon this question on http://jodiellewellyn.wordpress.com/ and it made me think. Lately, I’ve been struggling with my inspiration and my writing progress has been slow. It’s not as if I’m working on something particular, I just find writing – both long and shorter stories – to be therapeutically. It’s my way of sorting out the chaos and end the war that sometimes goes on in my mind. I guess I’ve lived a peaceful life this summer because lately there has been no chaos and there has been no war.

Coffee is my drug of choice. Then again is coffee really a drug? Caffeine is a drug (and not a vitamin); it’s a stimulant drug. It’s bitter, white crystalline xanthine alkaloid. The chemical formula is C8H10N4O2. Then again as long as you don’t have any stomach problems or sleep issues coffee do contain several antioxidants which reduce the risk of cancer. My home runs on love, laughter and cups of strong coffee. Caffeine is non-negotiable. All you need is love and more coffee; it should be black as hell, strong as death, and sweet as love.

Dream, believe, achieve, repeat.


the sun is rising

I feel like shit but at least I feel something. I’m having one of those days. Those days where everything goes wrong and nothing feels right. But it doesn’t matter because I know it will pass. I got to keep on going, looking straight out on the road. There’s no use worrying about what lies behind me or what’s coming further up the road. Because I won’t take the easy road, I just won’t. Besides there’s nothing a little music can’t fix. 

Whatever you’re facing, if your heart is breaking. There’s a promise for the ones who just hold on. Lift up your eyes and see the sun is rising. 

I watched The Other Woman the other day. I liked it. A really feel-good movie. Funny too. I like movies and books which make me forget the world, even if it’s just for a little while. It’s my escape. 

Someday, I’ll find the right words. I will belong or I will wander. Somewhere, over the mountain; under the great sky, I’ll be all right. 

My favorite songs at the moment:  

  • Lily & Madeline – Sounds like Somewhere 
  • First Aid Kit – My Silver Lining 
  • Britt Nicole – The Sun is Rising


Work for a cause; not for applause. Live life to express; not to impress. Every morning you have two choices: continue to sleep with your dreams, or wake up and chase them. 

June became July. July became august. Summer has literally flown by. There have been days spent in the sun, tanning on the beach and reading books. Reunion with old friends. Great food and drinks. Shopping in Copenhagen. Countless days with sun and hardly no days with rain. I can’t complain. It’s been a great summer even though the work side of it didn’t work out. I applied for several but didn’t hear from neither of them. It isn’t easy finding a job anymore. At least I tried. I made the best out of the situation. There was nothing else I could do.

August. Fear not, summer isn’t over yet. The weather continue to amaze me. The temperature is still holding up, the clouds are staying away (so is the rain), and the sun keeps on shining. Tonight I sat on the beach and just watched the sun set. Enjoying the peace and quiet. The quiet place. No music. No TV. No people. Only me, myself and I. The wind blowing gently in my hair, the sound of waves hitting the beach and the sun’s reflection in the water. A cruise ship on its way in the horizon. People going for a nightly swim, walk or run.

This summer as been a great one. And it’s been good not having any obligations. Pick myself up after a stressing and tough spring semester. It took its toll writing my bachelor thesis in addition to two classes. So June was mostly spent recharging. Sleeping and eating. Going for bike rides and runs in the woods. Then the calendar showed July and I went to Copenhagen for a few days with my mother. Got some shopping done. Then suddenly July was over and it was August. I have done more than what I’ve filled this paragraph with but nothing worth writing about I guess. My life is pretty uneventful like that. Still, it’s been a great summer.

Even though school doesn’t start until September, it’s back to reality. I’m looking forward to the future. A little bit frightening but mostly exiting. My dream is coming true. In September my dream will finally be my life. I’ve booked my flight ticket, I’ve put down a deposit on accommodation and I’ve started packing [mentally]. I can’t wait.

And though it’s been a great summer I can’t wait for fall. It’s the best of the four seasons. When the temperature drops and the leaves changes color. The wind gently biting your cheek. Well, guess there are still a few more summer days to enjoy before that.