London, baby!

I’m finally here. In London. The capital of Great Britain. I can’t wait to get out and explore more, these past few days has been all about exploring the Roehampton campus.

I can’t wait to travel with the tube again, walk the Embankment, see the Parliament/Big Ben and attend a debate, watch a committee hearing or take a tour inside,  maybe take a trip on the London Eye, walk up and down Oxford Street, take lots and lots of pictures, see a musical or two, see the autumn in Hyde Park, have tea with Queen Elizabeth (albeit that is unlikely), go to Covent Garden and Carnaby Street, visit Hamleys and be a child for a day, go to Piccadilly Circus and the huge Waterstones bookstore, and so on. There are so many things I want to do and there are so many things I’ll make the time to do. It’s good I have the entire year to complete my list.

But most of all I’m looking forward to just seeing London again. The city I fell in love with when I was here for the first time back in 2003. I just knew when I sat on the plane on my way home that I was coming back. I just didn’t know when. I fell even more in love when I returned in 2006 and spent a day in Oxford. Then I returned again in 2008 to celebrate my birthday. Now, I have finally returned to my favourite city and it’s not a holiday. I’m going to live in London for an entire year.

I’m glad I’m not living in the centre of it all. I’m glad I have the option to make a journey into London whenever I feel like it. Just walk around and enjoy life.

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