London calling

It’s only 20 minutes away. I hear it screaming my name; longing for me to visit. I’m coming. I’m making the journey on Friday. I don’t care if people are going to Westfield followed by a night out in central London on Saturday, Portobello Market on Sunday, Paris and Disneyland later this month – I just don’t care. I’m not going with them and I’m fine with that. First of all, I don’t have the money (I could ask my parents for help but I don’t feel it’s the right thing to do because I didn’t come here to shop and travel), I came here to study which is my second point. Third, I need to recharge my batteries and find back to the happy me. I’m an introvert and my limited resource is running low.

Introverted people live in a human-sized hamsterball [not really, but you know what I mean]. The major trait of a true introvert, as opposed to someone who is withdrawn, is how they gather energy.

Extroverted people gather energy from their surroundings. They absorb the “good vibes” of the people around them and thus need a lot of social interaction. Introverted people make their own energy and, rather than taking it from others, give it on social contact. This means that they naturally find most interaction exhausting and need time to recharge.

Because this energy is a limited resource, they tend to see extroverts as obnoxious predators out to steal their sweet, sweet energy juices. That’s why they have the hamsterball of personal space.

Just because someone is introverted doesn’t mean they don’t like company. Interaction is just expensive and they don’t want to spend it on something annoying [read: wasteful]. Here’s what you do:

Say hello, be polite and relaxed, show that you recognize and approve of their presence. It is important for introverts to feel welcome. They won’t spend their precious energy on someone who doesn’t want them around. If you have interesting/important news to mention, mention it. Just don’t press for gossip. They go back to whatever they were doing. Now the introverts know that you are friendly and open to interaction, but will not push them into spending energy if they have no need to.

That’s why I need to get away. Answer the call. I can hear London calling and it’s getting louder. I want to explore London alone. I need to explore London alone. I need to escape the world I live in, if only for a little while. I need to be by myself. It’s time to put myself on top of the list. Visit stores I want to; spend as much time at Waterstones, h&m, Primark, Zara, Selfridges, Harrods, Hamleys as I want … Just look around and recharge. Go to a pub and buy myself a pint; coffee at Starbucks and just look at people hurrying buy – looking at their phones. Buy images, posters, signs with encouraging words to decorate my room.

Because when it all comes down to it it’s not about the shopping, it’s not about spending money – it’s about getting away from this small town for a few hours. It’s about disconnecting from Facebook, the people around me – to have a few hours, maybe a day on my premises. Because I’ve discovered that I’m only good enough when people need something from me and I’m tired of it.



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