Just stopping by to let you know I’m alive and well. And because I was hit with a wave of inspiration on my way to school. There are seven days until my first deadline: three essays and 9500 words in total; there are nine days until my second deadline: 10 minute presentation about anything; and there are 10 days until my third deadline: 5-10 minute presentation which I’m a little confused when it comes to what I can talk about. But it will work itself out, it always does.

Currently I’m sitting in what has become my spot at the library. I call it my spot because I’ve been sitting in the exact same spot for what I think is three days (well, this is my third day). It’s been three long days. But when your computer decided do die in the middle of the semester and you’re living on a student budget – this is what you do. You don’t head out an buy a new computer the day after it died, no you find a perfect spot in the library (with a desktop computer of course) and you stay there until your head can’t think straight anymore. Then you go for a beer…

Only three weeks to go. Then I’ll be on my flight back home and a new computer will be in sight. But for now I’m happy with the current solution. At least I get it done. And I think I’ll actually get all of my essays done a week before deadline. And that’s a first. I’ve actually gotten more work done after my computer died than I did when my computer was  alive. That really says something about how I spend my time.

The only downside to all this: I spend more money on food and coffee at school. Then again, that’s actually worth it. I just have to remember to drink water in between all these cups of coffee. Yesterday I did get a little dehydrated. But maybe it’s time to focus on my writing – my academic writing… Hopefully, I won’t stay as long today as I did yesterday.

I completely forgot to post what I wrote earlier. When my head stopped working I just closed down all the tabs, put my books away and walked the 10 minutes home to eat some food. Now I’m back in the computer lab and writing. It’s easier this time around. It still not as quiet here as up in the library. I thought people who were at the 24/7 computer lab at almost nine o’clock on a Friday night was here to work not joke around! Guess I was wrong. I can’t say it enough: I can’t wait until going home for Christmas and buy a new computer. Then I could do the work of paraphrasing in my bed. I could be more comfortable then I am now.

Oh well, I won’t stay long. I need to watch the fall finale of Grey’s Anatomy before bed.



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