New start

Christmas came and went, 2014 ended with a big bang (and fireworks of course), I’m back in London and it’s time to get back routine and structure. I’ve been back a week already and I spent last week trying to find my way back to my old self. I’m slowly getting there.

So far, my new computer has mostly been used to binge watch TV-shows. Now I’m ready to formally start a new semester [it actually started last week with lectures but I start the reading this week]. This semester is going to be harder than the last one. Fewer weeks and more work. But I’ll make it.

2015 has so far not been an inspiring year. There’s been nothing to write about, nothing has sparked my inspiration. Not even the wine bottle I bought and drank on Saturday helped. I’m too happy. I write best when I’m in my dark place and I’m not. And I’ll admit that it’s pretty good.

Monday. I used to hate them. Now they represent a new start and a new week. Cheers to Monday, and cheers to a new week!



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