Here’s the thing: I’m supposed to be writing my 2500 word essay which is due on Friday. Instead I’ve cleaned the bathroom, vacuum and dusted my bedroom; finished watching the movie I started last night; watched an episode of House of Cards; then went down to the local shop and bought Pepsi Max, 3 Kinder Chocolate bars, a bag of popcorn, a Capri-Sonne, and a small bag of mixed root vegetable crisps. It’s not like I haven’t written anything. I just don’t know where to go from here. Instead, I’m procrastinating. I’ve read one article and now I feel like taking another break. Watch another episode of House of Cards. I’m starting to see the problem with Netflix. The problem with Netflix is that the next episode will start in x seconds and I’m not fast enough and the episode has started before I reach the computer. So I let it play.

Now, that I’ve actually managed to drag myself up from the comfort of my bed and sit in front my computer, there’s so much I have to check before I can start writing. Tidy up my e-mail inbox, check Facebook, the news, Twitter, We Heart It, or what I really want to is crawl up under the blanket with a cup of tea and read one of the books I treated myself to yesterday. Going in to a Waterstone’s just to have a look is never a good idea. First of all, I spend too long just looking at the books. Second, I can never decide which ones to get. Third, I never leave a Waterstone’s without having bought at least one book.

I’m doing it. I’m opening the bag of popcorn and I’m going to watch an episode of House of Cards. I guess my head just isn’t it in today. At least I’ve written something, it’s basically just needs to be put together and add some paragraphs. It should be fine. And I do write better under pressure anyway.


One thought on “Procrastination

  1. I know how you feel, my uni work today involved reading of Cezanne and other Impressionists… not very interesting. I ended up show shopping for the socs ball next week and now I feel pretty bad that I didn’t do any work… Oh well there’s always tomorrow,
    B x

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