pretty hurts

Oh… My aspiration in life… would be… to be happy.

Do we need extensions in our hair; fake nails; fake lashes and make-up to cover our flaws? Do we need a flat stomach; skinny thighs; perfect breasts; a golden tan? Magazine covers tell us we do. Models on the runway show us we do. All around you society tells you to be something you’re not. To fake your beauty.

What happened to natural beauty?

I used to be ashamed of my freckles. No one else seemed to have them; at least not as many as I did. People told me how cute freckles are. Wishing they had it. People today are envious that way; we want what we don’t have and what we have we don’t want. Today I’ve realized that the freckles will always be there in some shade or another. And I’m okay with that. My freckles are as much a part of me as anything else. The freckles make me who I am. My insecurities are not as bad as they used to be.

Why not celebrate the female imperfections? Why not make the imperfections perfect? Make your flaws your best feature. Because when it comes to humans there are no standard. Women and men come in different sizes and shapes. Why doesn’t the world of fashion and magazines illustrate that?

Instead of wondering if you’re good enough; think you’re worth it without even trying. We hide away who we really are. We leave our true self at home when walking out the door in the morning. We spend hours in front of the mirror covering our flaws with make-up and perfect our hair. We change our appearance and make ourselves unrecognizable. We push ourselves beyond our limits to get in shape and think too much about what we eat. It’s okay to be healthy but to it for yourself and not to fit society’s idea. All you want is to belong, so they’ll like you. But do you like yourself?  Do you like the person you’ve become?

Society puts too much pressure on women to be beautiful. Why should you care what they think of you?  Dare to be different.

Take your make-up off. Let your hair down. Take a breath. Look into the mirror, at yourself. Don’t you like you? ‘Cause I like you.

And keep in mind that laughter is the best medicine and, that a smile is the prettiest thing to wear. Remember that who you are on the inside is more important than the outside.


Sometimes you need to be alone, in order to find out who you really are and what you really want.

It felt like I had gotten lost but along the way I found myself. I found the courage to be myself. I discovered the way to happiness. I searched for so long and never realized that the answer was simple. I have to let go of the past; what people thought of me doesn’t matter. What people think of me doesn’t matter. Who are they to judge me? What gives them the right to judge me? They don’t know me; they don’t know who I am – who I was. Why should I let people label me when they don’t know me?

I have survived my entire life up until this point. I survived the pain, the heartbreaks, the devastation, and the bullying. I survived all the different phases in my life up until this point and here I am; stronger than I ever have been. Why should I let the past define who I am today; how I act today? I survived the past and now it’s time to let go, and move on. Create memories to replace the nightmares.

Look at me, there has to be something more than what they see; wholesome and pure, also scared and unsure. A poor man’s Sandra Dee. Sandy, you must start anew. Don’t you know what you must do? Hold your head high, take a deep breath and sigh “Goodbye to Sandra Dee”. 

So fuck them. Fuck them all. I’m going to walk with my head held high and show them all. I’m going to show them that the shy and quiet girl is gone. She doesn’t exist anymore. I want so much in this world but I won’t get it by being shy and quiet. Not sit idle by and wait for love or other great things to happen. If I don’t go after what I want, I’ll never have it.

Beauty isn’t just looks. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Beauty is your personality. Beauty is your heart. Beauty is you. There isn’t just one definition of beauty same as there isn’t only one model of what’s beautiful.

It’s not just about the dream. Anyone can dream a dream. But a dream is only a dream. If you want it to happen, make it happen. Don’t just dream it, night after night. Do something about that dream. Make your dreams real. I believe in you. You can do it; time to be brave; time to be courageous. This is your life; live it!

I’m not perfect. I never will be. I am me and it’s exactly who I want to be.

They might try to tell you how you can live your life. But don’t, don’t forget it’s your right to do whatever you like. ‘Cause you could be your own spotlight. You could be the star, you could shine so bright. You could be your own spotlight. 


To all the girls who think they’re fat because they’re not a size zero. You’re the beautiful one. It’s society that’s ugly.

Sick and tired. Sick and tired of it all. I’m sick and tired of the stress. What if I don’t pass my exams; what if I don’t get a summer job? What if I didn’t workout long enough today? What if I eat too much dinner? What if I make brownies later? Will I gain all the calories I ran away today?

Society is ugly. Telling us how to look, what to wear and what will make us happy. Society tells us in order to be beautiful you have to be a size zero and you need to have the perfect body. So we work our asses off. Especially those of us who can’t eat what we want and still look thin. We work out till we feel the vomit in our throat. We swallow it down with some water and continue. We run until we’re dizzy and about to faint. We push ourselves harder and harder for each time. Because society tells us that we’re not beautiful unless we’re a size zero.

We search the web for thinspiration because that’s the new hype. That’s what everybody is supposed to look like, according to social media. What about those of us who have curves? Those of us who no matter what – no matter how much we work out – will never be skinny? Those of us who have hips, ass, breasts and thighs; what about us? We judge ourselves in the mirror because we don’t measure up to society’s standards.

We are thought to believe that what boys want – what guys want – is a blond, skinny bitch. Yes, I call them skinny bitches. They’re my enemies. They’re the ones who constantly made me feel like a losers, who made me feel ugly and fat. They’re the ones who used to make my life a living hell. They’re the ones who thought they were perfect with their blond hair, tight jeans, one-size-too-small top, and who got all the attention from boys. They made the rest of us, who wasn’t like them, feel less about ourselves; using words and action. They measured us from head to toe. But where are these girls today?

But society doesn’t consist of just skinny bitches and we can’t all amount to become one. We are all individuals of different size and body shape. We can’t let society dictates how we’re supposed to look like. We need to believe that in our own way we are beautiful just the way we are. We’re not supposed to change anything in order for a guy to love us – in order for society to be right. We’re supposed to change if, and only if, it makes us feel good about ourselves; if it helps with our self-confidence. Don’t change because society tells you to, change because you want to.